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Costello’s Hearth & Spa is the collective identity of the following fireplace and/or hot tub showrooms.



Costello’s Hearth & Spa is a premier dealer specializing in hearth appliances and hot tubs. We have over 20 years of industry experience, making us the most educated and reliable local dealer. With our first hearth location opening in 1997, we have a lifelong passion for hearth appliances and home improvement aspects. In 2005, we moved on from three hearth locations and introduced hot tubs to our showrooms. With a change of ownership in 2017, came new opportunities for expansion.  As of April 2022, we now operate in 13 showrooms across four different states (MD, NY, NJ, and VA).

Success doesn’t come easy.  We have an amazing customer service team to thank for our decades long success. We are award winning, year after year, for our care and dedication to customer service over all else. Our purpose truly is to ensure that YOU are happy and satisfied with your experience. From first contact to final sale and beyond, you will always be certain that you have our full, undivided attention and consideration. We are all a part of the Costello’s family and want to make sure you’re treated as such!

We would never want to sell you a product or a brand that we personally would not choose to have in our homes. Rest assured that we carry top of the line, premium quality appliances. Whether you are considering a new hearth appliance or hot tub, our brands are some of the biggest and best known in the industry! With so many of our own employees having our products in their own homes, we guarantee that you’ll love all that we have to offer. No matter what you’re looking for, we have options for every preference and need you have. We carry budget-friendly, customizable, environmentally friendly, and high efficiency options so that we can accommodate your every need.  We even offer affordable finance options to keep more money in your pocket and maximize your budget.

Looking to see what we have to offer? We invite you to explore our website. With all our brands of hearth and hot tub models listed, you can be sure to know you’re up to date on what we carry and what you have to choose from! If you’re still unsure which direction to take, we invite you to request a Buyer’s Guide, Price Quote, or submit a General Inquiry! You can be sure we will immediately have a salesperson follow up with you to help you hand pick what you’re looking for. Need something a little bit faster? Feel free to reach out via our webchat! You’ll immediately be connected to one of us personally, for live and real time responses and information. We’d be happy to help! That’s the Costello’s way!

Here are some of the brands that we carry, that you can expect to see in our showrooms:


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