Benefits of a swim spa versus a swimming pool

A swim spa offers several benefits compared to a traditional swimming pool.

  1. Size: Swim spas are typically smaller in size than swimming pools, making them a more space-efficient option for smaller yards or indoor spaces.
  2. Cost: Swim spas are generally less expensive to purchase and maintain than swimming pools.
  3. Temperature: Swim spas can be heated to a comfortable temperature, making them usable year-round in most climates.
  4. Exercise: Swim spas often have built-in jet systems that create a current for swimming against, providing a more intense workout than a traditional pool.
  5. Therapy: The warm water and jet systems in a swim spa can provide relief for muscle pain and soreness, and also can be used for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.
  6. Versatility: Swim spas can be used for swimming, exercising, relaxing, and entertaining, making them a more versatile option than a traditional pool.

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