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Experience worry-free enjoyment with our exclusive fireplace and hot tub maintenance plans Costello’s Hearth & Spa. Elevate your relaxation with our annual fireplace maintenance plan, offering a three-year agreement that secures the current unbeatable pricing, even better than preseason rates. Ensure your fireplace is in top-notch condition year-round with this comprehensive service available exclusively in Maryland.

For hot tub enthusiasts in New York, dive into the ultimate care with our monthly maintenance plan. Choose from three tiers of services tailored to meet your hot tub’s unique needs. Enjoy peace of mind with regular check-ups, and customize your plan further with our a la carte offerings. Our hot tub maintenance plan is designed to keep your relaxation haven in perfect condition, ensuring you get the most out of every soak. Indulge in worry-free hot tub ownership, available exclusively in New York.

Choose convenience, choose excellence – because at Costello’s Hearth & Spa your comfort is our priority.

Looking for timely service repair on your fireplace or hot tub?  Contact Costello’s Hearth & Spa to be scheduled with a member of our service team.

Our Phone Numbers

Fireplace Maintenance – North of Baltimore               410-420-7914

Fireplace Maintenance – South of Baltimore               410-969-2402

Hot Tub Maintenance – All                                                         410-969-2402


Hot Tub Maintenance Plans May Include The Following (based upon level of plan)

  • Test & Balance Water
  • Check Chemical Cartridges (as applicable)
  • Clean Filters, Water Line, Pillows and Cover Interior
  • One Drain & Clean Service per year
  • Discounts on Accessories, Chemicals and More…

What type of maintenance plan are you looking for?

Click here for more information on hot tub plans.

Click here for more information on Annual Maintenance for pellet appliances.

Maintenance Plans

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