Leisure Time Bright & Clear Clarifier

Clear cloudy water fast Leisure Time® Bright & Clear. Spa water becomes cloudy when millions of small, suspended particles accumulate in the water. These particles are too small to be filtered out, but when you use Leisure Time® Bright & Clear, they combine to form larger particles that can be trapped by the filter to improve water clarity.

  • Leisure Time® Bright & Clear is a fast-acting, easy-to-use clarifying treatment keeps spa and hot tub water clear and fresh so you can focus on relaxation
  • Unique polymer action neutralizes dirt, soap, oils and other organics that can cause odors and cloudy spa water
  • Combines small, suspended particles in hot water so they can be easily trapped by the filter
  • Improves spa and hot tub filter efficiency and restores sparkle to dull spa water
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers
  • The simple routine from Leisure Time® helps you reduce water care time for a more relaxing spa experience

Available size(s): 32 fl. oz.


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