Leisure Time Replenish

Leisure Time® Replenish is a multi-functional quick-dissolving shock and oxidizer treatment. Leisure Time® Replenish combines the power of MPS with chlorine. Built-in pH buffers and clarifiers help keep spa water soothing and clear.

  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and saltwater chlorine sanitizing systems
  • Leisure Time® Replenish acts fast to keep your water soothing, clear and clean
  • Quick-dissolving chlorine-based shock and oxidizer treatment has a built-in pH buffer to clarify spa water
  • Easy to use and ideal for spas with mineral systems
  • Back of package features simple step-by-step instructions for proper dosage
  • The simple routine from Leisure Time® reduces water care time for a more relaxing spa experience

Available size(s): 2 lbs.


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